• TIME IN BUSINESS: Since 2016
  • CUSTOMERS BASE: 50,000 users
  • LOAD LIMIT: $8,000/single direct deposit limit
  • RELOAD OPTIONS: Interac e-transfer, Payroll Direct Load, Bank Payee, Cash Load, Stack to Stack Transfers
  • ANNUAL FEE: None
  • APR: None
  • FX FEE: None

STACK Mastercard Review [2021 Services, Features, Pros & Cons]

  • TIME IN BUSINESS: Since 2016
  • CUSTOMERS BASE: 50,000 users
  • LOAD LIMIT: $8,000/single direct deposit limit
  • RELOAD OPTIONS: Interac e-transfer, Payroll Direct Load, Bank Payee, Cash Load, Stack to Stack Transfers
  • ANNUAL FEE: None
  • APR: None
  • FX FEE: None

Best For

Frequent travellers


  • No monthly, annual, or withdrawal fees
  • No foreign exchange fees
  • Discounts and rewards from major partner companies
  • Split your tab feature
  • Mobile tap-to-pay
  • In-app budgeting tool and spending notifications


  • No cashback feature
  • Doesn’t build credit
  • Only 2 ATM transactions a day

This STACK Mastercard review examines the new way to send, save and spend your money that STACK prepaid card offers. If you are looking for something that doesn’t add a foreign currency fee and don’t want to have another credit card, the STACK prepaid Mastercard is the right choice.

What Do I Need to Know About STACK Mastercard?

Founded in 2017 by Miro Pavletic, STACK is currently owned by Credit Sesame, which acquired it in June 2020. Up to 20,000 Canadians tried the beta version the year it was launched, and the numbers have only grown since. 

The company is backed by Peoples Trust and has MasterCard Zero Liability protection, which makes the possibility of its going belly up is very slim. It’s definitely not something you should worry about.

This STACK prepaid Mastercard review will look into: 

  • Features and benefits
  • Ways you can apply
  • Terms of use
  • Pros and cons
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Services Overview 

STACK offers you a virtual account and a card without monthly or yearly fees. This reloadable prepaid card rounds up your purchase to one of the selected sums and puts it towards your savings. The app sends reports and analyzes your spending, and you can even get free financial advice.

The fact that it is not a credit card benefits you for two reasons a STACK card review shows: 

First, you can’t spend more than you have planned and placed on the card, and

Two, there are no hard credit score checks, so anyone of age can get it.

What sets it apart is the no foreign transaction fee, making it ideal for frequent travellers.

STACK Credit Card Review – Features 

STACK Card Features 

Alongside no monthly or annual fees and the rewards system, the STACK card comes with: 

  • No NSF charges and no ATM withdrawal fees (although ATM providers may still charge a fee independently)
  • Free transfers from one STACK to another STACK
  • $5 STACK Mastercard promo sign-up bonus if you join with a referral link 

There is no prepayment penalty, no late payment penalty, and no returned payment fee. The round-up and automated savings feature helps you save a bit. And with Zero liability and CDIC insurance, you can feel safe and not wonder what would happen to your money if the company somehow went under.

As we will discuss shortly, it is easy to apply and get approved, and there’s no minimum credit score, minimum length of credit history, or income threshold required.

STACK Mastercard Limits

Virtual Card Limits 

The virtual STACK card is active from the moment you create your account, and these limits apply before your physical card is activated:

Maximum spend limit: $1,000/monthly

Maximum card-to-card transfer: $250/daily 

Maximum direct deposit load: $250/daily 

Maximum direct deposit load: $1000/monthly

Maximum single point transaction amount: $250/daily 

STACK Prepaid MasterCard Review – Physical Card Limits 

These STACK card limits apply to the virtual card as well after the physical one in your wallet. As we found in this STACK Mastercard review, daily limit is something to keep an eye on. 

Have a look at some of the limits that apply:

Maximum card balance: $20,000

Maximum cumulative amount of loads: $20,000/monthly 

Maximum number of loads: 4/per day, 20/per month

Single direct deposit load maximum amount: $8,000

Interac e-Transfer loads maximum: 10/per day, 60/per month

Single Interac e-Transfer load maximum: $3,000

Maximum cumulative amount for direct deposit loads: $8,000/daily

Maximum cumulative amount for Interac e-Transfer loads: $4,000/daily

Single bill payload maximum: $3,000

ATM Transactions maximum: 2/per day

Single ATM Transaction maximum: $500

ATM cumulative maximum: $1,000/daily, $2,000/monthly 

Single card to card transfer maximum: $2,500

Point of sale transactions maximum: 15/per day

Card to Card cumulative transfer maximum: $5,000/daily

Cumulative cash withdrawal and spend limit: $5,000/daily

Maximum load at Canada Post locations: $3,000/per single in-person debit card or cash 

STACK Mastercard Reload Options

There are five ways you can reload your STACK Mastercard:

Payroll Direct Load 

Go to the app and tap on the “Payroll Direct Load” option. Once you’ve written your Account Number, Transit Number, and Bank Code, you can close the app. Send the Payroll Direct Load info to your employer, and they will set up your payments to be deposited into the STACK account.

Bank Payee 

In the app settings, tap on “Bank Payee.” Enter the account number and pay it as a bill. This transaction is not immediate and will take a couple of days.

Interac e-Transfer 

Tap the dollar sign and select e-transfer. Copy the security question and answer it. Sign in to your bank account and send an e-transfer to [email protected]. Enter your STACK security question and your STACK security answer. Enter the amount, confirm, and send. Many STACK Mastercard reviews find this to be the easiest way to reload.

Cash Load 

Go to Canada Post or a retailer with your Cash Load QR code and top up your STACK card to load using cash or your debit card. Tap Cash Load to get to your QR code. Choose the amount to deposit and pay with cash or debit.

STACK to STACK Transfers 

One of the easiest ways this STACK Mastercard review found to top off your card is STACK to STACK transfer. From the STACK app, pick Send or Receive and enter the amount. Enter the name and email of the STACK user you are exchanging money with. Tap the $ button in the bottom to start the transfer once you have checked if the info is correct, and your money is on the way!

STACK Referrals

For the first five referrals, STACK gives you $5 each. After that, you get a $10 STACK Mastercard review sign up bonus for the next five, going up to $15 for all subsequent ones. And that’s not all, as the person you referred gets a $5 bonus once their card becomes active. This is also when you get your reward.

STACK Rewards System

STACK offers discounts from selected merchants and partner companies. You can get special offers for Spotify, Netflix, Tim Hortons, Godiva, Herschel, NYX, The Body Shop, and many others.

STACK Card Approval Time

After you have registered your account, you can start using your virtual STACK card right away. However, it will take 10 to 15 business days for the physical card to arrive.

Eligibility Criteria

To get a STACK account and card, you need to be of legal age in Canada. There is no

minimum credit score, income threshold, or credit history check. STACK recently became available in Quebec.

How To Apply for a Prepaid Credit Card with STACK? 

To apply for a prepaid STACK card, you need to prepare copies of your personal documents in PDF form to confirm your identity. Other than that, it’s fairly simple:

Step 1: 

Download the STACK mobile app and create an account. 

Step 2: 

Submit your documents for identity verification.

Step 3: 

You can start using your virtual STACK card immediately.

Step 4: 

Allow for 10 to 15 days for your card to arrive.

Step 5: 

Set up your card PIN 

(STACK Mastercard app review warning: The card PIN is not the same as the app PIN!)


  • No monthly, annual, withdrawal, or foreign exchange fees
  • Discounts and rewards from major partner companies
  • A mobile tap-to-pay and split your tab feature
  • Round-up and automated savings 
  • Budgeting tool and real-time notifications
  • Zero liability insurance, CDIC insured
  • $5 sign-up bonus with a referral link


  • Only 2 ATM withdrawals a day
  • Doesn’t build a credit score
  • No cashback
  • No pre-authorized debit requests

STACK Mastercard Review 2021 – Privacy & Security Policy

STACK’s privacy policy states that you “consent to STACK collecting, storing, using and disclosing your personal information and using it for customer service and marketing purposes.” 

Now, you can opt-out of getting marketing emails. But if you decide you do not want the company to use your info for merchant offers, the only thing you can do is to close your account and card. The information shared with third parties won’t be personally identifiable, but the company will share the data with partners.

STACK adheres to all parts of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) to protect your details.

STACK User Reviews and Feedback

Most STACK card customer reviews focus on the easy reload via Interac e-transfers. Another favourite is the lack of STACK Mastercard foreign exchange fees. People appreciate not having a hard credit score check. The rewards system, which all agree could be better, is still valuable and fun and a highlight for many users. Overall, STACK Mastercard ratings are high, and customers are clearly enjoying the service.

The negative reviews single out some privacy concerns and a somewhat “take it or leave it” privacy policy. The second less than ideal thing for most is the low withdrawal limit over just 2 ATM transactions a day. 

STACK Alternatives


Both cards will come with little or no fees and will be good for your spending habits. If you like the cashback features, Koho might be a good alternative for you since STACK does not have a cashback program. You will get 0.5% or 2% cashback depending on the Koho plan you choose. If you don’t shop abroad much, Koho will satisfy your budgeting and savings needs.

Canada Post Prepaid Visa vs. STACK

The Canada Post Prepaid Visa claims to offer better security and insurance than other similar cards. It comes with a purchase security insurance and an extended manufacturer’s warranty.

It’s ideal if you get sucked in by the reward systems easily and end up spending more because of the rewards. Canada Post Prepaid Visa offers a no distractions card that’s a great safety net abroad and a solid budgeting tool, even with the hefty fees.

Wrap up

There are Visa lovers, and there are Mastercard lovers, Cashback fans and rewards fans. Prepaid credit cards offer a solution for everyone, and this STACK Mastercard review found that this particular one is best suited for those who want to supplement their credit card with a prepaid fee-free Mastercard option that works best while travelling. 

Easy to top up, and with a fun rewards system, it lets you split the tab and round up the price and save. The budgeting tool will help you track your spendings, and you will save even more without paying any fees.


What is a STACK card?

STACK is a no-fee prepaid loadable Mastercard you can use for everyday spending at home and abroad, everywhere where Mastercard is accepted.

Does STACK do a credit check?

STACK does not do a credit check and won’t see your credit score. Using STACK will not improve your credit score or affect it in any way.

Is STACK debit or credit?

STACK has the base of a debit card with some perks of credit cards. The STACK Mastercard review highlights the industry-leading security features of a credit card, with the control over spending you have with a debit card.