Nova Scotia Still Reviewing Plans for Single-Game Betting

On August 27, 2021, the Atlantic Lottery Corp. announced that it started offering single-game sports betting in Newfoundland and Labrador, Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island.

Nevertheless, Nova Scotia was left out of the announcement. Even though Nova Scotia holds shares in the Atlantic Lottery, its residents didn’t initially receive permission for single-event betting under the Pro•Line brand.

Single-game betting is still unavailable for residents of Nova Scotia via the Atlantic Lottery. Additionally, this type of betting is not allowed in Nova Scotia in any other online sportsbook under the province’s authorization.


Gary Andrea, a spokesperson for the province’s government, stated that single-game wagering is still under consideration and being discussed to figure out Nova Scotia’s approach. 

Provincial governments were recently allowed to provide single-event wagering after federal lawmakers finally passed a bill last summer, but Nova Scotia remains the only province without permission for this betting type.

The main reason for passing Bill C-218 was to prevent some offshore Canadian betting businesses, as well as illegal sportsbooks, worth billions of dollars in betting. While these bookmakers might be licensed and regulated somewhere, they’re not authorized by Nova Scotia.

According to Patrick Daigle, president and CEO of Atlantic Lottery, many Canadians are betting on single-event sports through various illegal sports betting sites that are currently advertising in the region. By introducing this option to Pro•Line bettors, Atlantic Lottery will retain the majority of sports betting revenues in the region and offer top-quality safe gambling benefits to players.


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