Canadians are Experiencing a Storm of Flight Cancellations

Canadians are subject to a storm of flight cancellations this season. Despite the general opinion pinning the issue on Covid-19, airlines report that the weather conditions are significantly factoring in this time.


Some of Canada’s largest airlines have cancelled a few hundred flights between the 22nd and the 26th of December, with airline data company Cirium claiming that Flair Airlines had to cancel no less than 9% of its schedule, whereas WestJet Airlines cancelled 7% of its flights. Air Canada comes next with 4% of its flights completely cancelled.

US Airlines have not been exempt as well. However, Delta Air Lines and United Airlines reported staff shortages caused by the Omicron variant.

WestJet spokesperson said that the last few days had been some of the busiest for the airline since before Covid-19, with almost 50,000 guests on a daily basis and over 500 flights and proceeded to add that “while the weather is definitely a primary factor affecting stations across western Canada in recent days including B.C., Alta., Sask. and Man., other factors do impact operations including maintenance, air traffic control and staffing”.

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